Every Badboy Needs Their Goodgirl (MyungStal Fanfic)

Every Badboy Needs Their Goodgirl (MyungStal Fanfic)

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Jung Soojung, YG Academy's nerd. Who wears glasses and is quiet. She secretly sings and dreamed to be an idol when she graduates. She knows how to fight and defend herself when needed. No one knows any other side except for Sooyeon, Sooyoung, Momo, and YG's badboy Myungsoo.
Kim Myungsoo, YG's badboy. He doesn't give a rats ass about girls and his dad, goes out partying like there's no tomorrow. He is the definition of perfect. He has girls falling to their feet for him, he just kiss and diss. People know him like he is a model, but little do they know that Myungsoo dreams to become an idol too.

Him and Soojung were once best friends when they were little. That is when they got into a huge argument that separated them until this day. 
What will happen when their lives cross once again? 
Will it create more conflict? More confusion? More drama? Or more love?

♡Second in Myungstal!

Note: I wrote this like when I was thirteen, forgive my grammar, spelling, and paragraph settings... I was a terrible writer.. But I can't say the same now

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