Smoke And Mirrors Game (Book Three)

Smoke And Mirrors Game (Book Three)

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❤️ By _MaraaaaXO Updated Jun 18, 2015

"I know your type." Damien smirked. 

I frowned and looked down at my knotted fingers. "My type?" I whispered.

"Yeah, your type. It's like a smoke and mirrors game. Everybody loves you right? But as soon as Annabell steps in the room, they forget about you. You dress like a slut and go to parties with your older boyfriend. You drink, smoke, make out with random girls because he likes that, because you get the attention you want. They call you Avalon, but they don't know Gabriella. You're not Avalon, you're Gabriella, but you won't let Avalon go because you like the attention. So which one is it going to be? Avalon the whore? Or Gabriella, the good girl ?"

growup15 growup15 Aug 04
I'm second to oldest out of 5 girls and I never really have that feeling but it's not like it's all sweet and whatever, just never had the feeling🤔😅
Shaylove121 Shaylove121 May 06
If that ain't second hand embarrassing than I don't know what it
jeffsawesomeproxy13 jeffsawesomeproxy13 Mar 23, 2016
I think that the green eyed person is the Damien guy mentioned at the beginning of the story, who also has something to do with Erin.
NuryCalderon NuryCalderon Oct 12, 2015
Lmfaoooo I spit out my milk OMG my poor oreoes and milk and my dad's shirt oh well lmfaooo
cubelover21 cubelover21 Jul 18, 2015
It is the beeeeeetch. I do not want say his name. It makes me feel diurty!
imagine_DEEZ_ imagine_DEEZ_ Jul 14, 2015
Damn. y'all are rude as hell. leave her alone. these comments are just crazy