You Lucky Dog!

You Lucky Dog!

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Employee: Mark E. Fischbach
Age: 26, male.
Chief Supervisor at Soft Paws Animal Shelter, Los Angeles branch.

Employee: Sean "Jack" W. McLoughlin
Age: 26, male
New volunteer at Soft Paws Animal Shelter, Los Angeles branch.

Caring for lost, abandoned, or abused animals appealed to Mark. He wanted to make a difference in his community, one paw step at a time. Starting only 2 years ago, he has quickly moved up in the ranks. He has been given the job of training new employees and volunteers who come into the shelter. When an enthusiastic, green-haired man walks through the doors looking to volunteer, he catches Mark's attention.

-WARNING- This story contains LGBTQ+ themes, shipping, and cursing. May contain sexual themes, but nothing graphic. If you aren't a fan of that, kindly continue on your way. (This is a Septiplier fanfiction, obviously.)

I guess this is an AU? Idk, it's up to you all to decide.

Happybirdbob Happybirdbob Oct 08, 2016
When Jack comes through that door you two will do the sex 
                              So yes
                              It is fun
Cantelop3 Cantelop3 Jan 11
Yay it didn't go 'Meow' never have i ever heard a cat go "Meow' only mew and mau
Mark_Fischbach_28 Mark_Fischbach_28 Jul 30, 2016
MyChemicalBrides123 MyChemicalBrides123 Jul 30, 2016
I had a dog with ine eye card Oli but we called her Oli Woli One Eye
Feliidaesabers Feliidaesabers Oct 05, 2016
Took me a moment to realise that penni crox is dr cox from scrubs! 😂
St0pp3d_1ist3ning St0pp3d_1ist3ning Dec 29, 2016
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