Two Players, One Game

Two Players, One Game

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purplebunnies101 By purplebunnies101 Updated Jul 16

Zoey Stevens and Jared Woods have known each other since they were toddlers. They have the same lifestyle and the same social status... including the fact that they're both players.

Zoey and Jared are known as the "players" of East Ridge High School. They could date someone and dump them in less than a week. Sad, I know...

But things change for the both of them one day. When Jared is forced into marriage by his parents, he has no other choice but to lie and say he's dating none other than Zoey Stevens...

It seems like one big total mess, but what could go wrong? They're two players who are playing one game.

I hope she's humble not like those stuck up rich bitches like no offence
The fact that it starts on Monday and its existence in general
Hey no judgment here 😂😂i have panda shorts ur good😄