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Back Together- Garnet X Gem Reader

Back Together- Garnet X Gem Reader

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<<k u r l o z>> By muteskeleton Updated May 14, 2016

(Y/N)- Your name, first.
(G/C)-Gem color.
(G/L)- Gem location. 

Theillustrator Theillustrator Jul 30, 2016
really handy for my friend, since she's new to gem fanfictions! thanks a bunch!
Corkabell Emerald or Corkabell for short
                              Green of course
                              On my left shoulder
Mollydolly2003 Mollydolly2003 Jan 30, 2016
Oh m g. Its just like.  ENJOYING THE STORY  SO FAR? And has a + to add story yo libtary and I'm just like oh haale yea
NishaTwilight NishaTwilight Nov 07, 2016
I'm Aurora Quartz a.k.a Aurora for short but you can find what I look like "StormWatcher Gem" by Marxis but l have a dress that on "The Ash Rose Gem" also by Marxis and I have less big of a hip, cause I don't like big hips very much and on the dress there's no star on the abdominal.😅😅😅😅
BraidedAlarm BraidedAlarm Aug 06, 2016
Are you literally making our name a gems name or did you want our name to be a gem?
AnimeFreak7765 AnimeFreak7765 Feb 05, 2016
Oh me gersh I've been looking for something like dis! Thank You!!!