Haikyuu Yandere Headcanons

Haikyuu Yandere Headcanons

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Hiatus By TsukkiBae Updated Sep 01, 2017

updates for this will be slow af

Some of these are disturbing (well duh it's Yandere they're disturbing) but yeah...

I wrote all of Karasuno at two in the morning so sorry if any headcanons seem OOC.

Will write one-shots as well.

(I don't own any characters mentioned in this, all rights go to their owners)

All the headcanons are written from a female pov (sorry guys ;-;)

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-_nightmare- -_nightmare- Oct 14, 2017
*sweet and calm voice*
                              Aww he is like a lost puppy 
                              *still sweet and calm voice*
                              But I will kill him if he came to the bathroom after all we want someone to sacrifice him to satan
its_dat_boikawa its_dat_boikawa Jul 09, 2017
KiraTypes KiraTypes Sep 01, 2017
I can't believe I just said that can someone delete my account
CryinInTheDarq CryinInTheDarq Nov 07, 2017
“ Swoop in for a sloppy kiss “ is that a pun?? (Get it it cuz karasuno represents crows??)
KingKurooTetsuro KingKurooTetsuro Oct 19, 2016
Do all these tree boys just turn into sex machines!? I WANNA GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!!!