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Rin Matsuoka X Reader Lemon!!

Rin Matsuoka X Reader Lemon!!

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Meg Thompson By megnte Updated Jan 27, 2016

This is just sin

BunnyGunz01 BunnyGunz01 Jan 16
Is this some kind of sick joke, why the hell would I say no!
FFA2001 FFA2001 Nov 25, 2016
XDDDD this sound like typical straight a student, something i'll never be nvifndkf i wish i was her
Levi-is_bae Levi-is_bae Jun 29, 2016
Me in X Readers:
                              Fab, Confident, Player.
                              Me in real life:
                              *looks at boy*
                              Boy: Why is that potato looking at me?
ChiyoChiyoCHAAAAA ChiyoChiyoCHAAAAA Aug 20, 2016
'Scuse me how. Math can wait, I'm going to get MAHSELF A MAN
Ah duck I just remembered I have an assignment due tmr (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
CDLJ00 CDLJ00 Feb 14
                              Education doesn't sustain the human population. 
                              SEX DOES WOO-HOO!!