Rin Matsuoka X Reader Lemon!!

Rin Matsuoka X Reader Lemon!!

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Meg Thompson By megnte Updated Jan 27

Rin Matsuoka is your beloved boyfriend. He just returned from Australia and plans to spend all of his time with you. From complicated school work to naughty nights, Rin is with you through all of it. He happens to be quite a pervert at times but oh boy do you love it. You meet Rin's friends, hang out with them, and become best friends. 

Rin is very protective over you and will do anything to make sure you are not hurt. 
Things go well and good for you and Rin.
Until one day..

Everything went downhill.

Me: *gasp* black tank top black leggings am i at hottopic 
                              Friend: what about your hair
                              Me: screw that *puts hair into a messy pony tail* yeah
satanworthy satanworthy Apr 07
I can't even get a boy to look at me even if I stood in front of them and my fatass is literally blocking their entire view. If decent (more like hot af) guy like this asked me out there's no way I'd say no
FFA2001 FFA2001 Nov 25
XDDDD this sound like typical straight a student, something i'll never be nvifndkf i wish i was her
Levi-is_bae Levi-is_bae Jun 29
Me in X Readers:
                              Fab, Confident, Player.
                              Me in real life:
                              *looks at boy*
                              Boy: Why is that potato looking at me?
'Scuse me how. Math can wait, I'm going to get MAHSELF A MAN
GET UR HEAD OUR OF THE GUTTER oh who am I kidding I am the gutter