True Love [Percabeth]

True Love [Percabeth]

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I've never really thought about boys, to be honest. Me and Thalia swore that we would remain single forever, but now I'm not so sure.

The first time I ever met Thalia's cousin Percy made me think he was a jerk, but it turns out I was wrong. After an architectural project involving his show at his dad's aquarium and a few conversations with him, I've realised that after all this time, I may like him - and more than just a friend.

But here's the problem: my other best friend Rachel Dare likes him too, and I don't want to upset her, so what do I do?

Lucky for me, I'm Annabeth Chase. And Annabeth Chase always has a plan.

*A 2016 PJO Watty Awards third prize winner under AU section*

Amen sista. You're my actual sister. I didn't think about that when I typed
Yes Sherlock I thought you were smart now you're just pointing out the obvious. Jeez wise girl what do you think percabeth is or seaweed brain and wise girl. Get with the program Annabeth
itsyameefa itsyameefa Jul 02
I would pray for you so your wish gets granted but no just no NO NO good luck
Mikeywestcott Mikeywestcott Dec 19, 2016
Aw come on, admit it you totally have a crush on him..😂😆😏
lostaehyung_ lostaehyung_ Dec 20, 2016
pfft pls
                              percy is too hot for you to ignore him 😏
TheRealArtOfDeath TheRealArtOfDeath Dec 19, 2016
Ha is you kidding? You is the other half of Percabeth. With out you it's just Perc, and that means lotz of mistakes and intensity. And a lot of dead demigods. Have fun with that cupcake.