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       This story will be told by Lucy's Point of View (POV), if I change my mind later I will inform you :3

   Chapter One: Shopping Carts Flying.

     "Sir, are you still looking for a new employee?" I spoke quickly, "If so, I am so ready to be interviewed for the position!"

      He shook his head slowly, "I'm sorry dear. I've found my new worker last night." I immediately dropped my shoulders and sighed heavily. He gave me a look of sympathy. 

      "Oh well, thanks anyways." I responded and turned to walk out of the small coffee shop. He waved goodbye and watched me leave.

      Where was I supposed to find the money to pay that rent. I can't go running to my Father asking for money, it didn't feel right. Although, I do need to go shopping. I pulled out my wallet and searched for extra cash. I had ten dollars left. Man, this sucks. I haven't eaten all day.

       Giving into my growling tummy I pushed the doors open and entered the store. I'll settle with a frozen microwavea...

That's me and my best friends everyday. I would be lucy but with out the lying afterwards.
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Same about the cursing it just slips out but I don't hate it
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Yep, and she's ready to mingle [ If you know what I mean 😏 ]
I'm trying really hard not to laugh but I can't really take it... Now my parents think I'm weird and I can't tell them why am I laughing so hard
↓At least you have votes and comments unlike @DarkEnderLove ...She can't draw or write.
That's how I be but then when they text back it takes me like hours or days to reply.........