New Love | Matthew Espinosa

New Love | Matthew Espinosa

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"And who's this honker honker?" Matt winks at me. 

"Matt, gross! That's my sister dude," Nash hits him, lightly. 

Don't you hate it when your mum kills someone and has to live in jail for the rest of theirs and your life! 

I have to now officially live with my dad and step mum in North Carolina. I have three brothers and a half sister on my dads side, where on my mums side I have no one, so this is a big change for me. 

But as changes start happening, I don't know what to do. 

As I meet one of Nash's friends, my whole life changes for the good and for the bad. 

Will they leave me in pain? Or will they leave me in happiness? 



So this is officially my second novel! I am hoping this one goes far because I have worked my butt off to make this perfect! I have now had an idea what writing is like, so hopefully this goes all goes to plan. 

Age for this book: I'll say for mature audiences! So about 13 and up, because since I am 16 that I'll naturally write novels like these. 

Will include: 

- Will include a lot of kissing, described. 

- A lot of swearing in at least every chapter. 

- Will include sex in the later chapters. 

- Will include some abuse, it's only at the beginning, but it's not that bad. It's not the type that it makes you feel horrible and stop reading the book. 

I promise that I haven't copied or steal someone's idea. I would never steal someone else's work like that, because it's there work! There are thousands of books out there on this app that has the same ideas etc. I will not change it because I have worked my butt of for this novel, sorry. 

Please enjoy! 

Published: 19/1/2016 

- Maia❤️

MaisyWaisy MaisyWaisy Mar 27
Sorry, I just realized! Thanks for pointing to it out❤️😂
Dude u are totally copying this book i read and it was a Matt fanfic also btw my mum is not happy