Creepypasta LEMONS!!!

Creepypasta LEMONS!!!

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Mimi By xWithLotsOfLovex Updated May 27, 2017

"*Clears throat* Fangirls and Fanboys have a extra pair of underwear nearby when reading these. It is not my fault if your mom catches you jerking-off to these chapters because they are so fantastically fantastic. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOURSELVES, you Creepypasta pervs!

Yeah I see you there behind that computer/phone/tablet screen. Can't keep your eyes off my story, (literally cause, ya know, how else are you going to read).

I generally hope you guys have fun and please vote for this series of Creepypasta Lemonssss~


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Kittycatconstance Kittycatconstance Nov 06, 2017
Lol I'm dieing and amginig this right now its so funny like a 3 foot slender comes out his pants hahahahahaha XD lol
Even my brain? Cuz ya know that's my most appealing part of me
TylerSenpai122 TylerSenpai122 Sep 18, 2017
😂😂😂😂😂 now there is a weird image in my head now👽
anna2413g anna2413g Oct 07, 2017
Im just imagine a little slendy really came out hahaha not his dick just small slender XD
PrincessJimenez0 PrincessJimenez0 Dec 02, 2017
Awwww cute lemon im glad it's not real and it's not really us I'm just 13
                              A MAGICAL PLACE, WITH MAGICAL CHARMS
                              INDOORS, INDOORS, IIINNDOOOOOORSSS!!!
                              TAKE IT AWAY PENNY!!