Creepypasta LEMONS!!!

Creepypasta LEMONS!!!

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Mimi By xWithLotsOfLovex Updated 5 days ago

"*Clears throat* Fangirls and Fanboys have a extra pair of underwear nearby when reading these. It is not my fault if your mom catches you jerking-off to these chapters because they are so fantastically fantastic. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOURSELVES, you Creepypasta pervs!

Yeah I see you there behind that computer/phone/tablet screen. Can't keep your eyes off my story, (literally cause, ya know, how else are you going to read).

I generally hope you guys have fun and please vote for this series of Creepypasta Lemonssss~


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Even my brain? Cuz ya know that's my most appealing part of me
And I kinda write some of those cliche fabrics thank you...... still really funny tho good one
                              A MAGICAL PLACE, WITH MAGICAL CHARMS
                              INDOORS, INDOORS, IIINNDOOOOOORSSS!!!
                              TAKE IT AWAY PENNY!!
Confident description under the title. I hope your writing skills can match your confidence.
His meme bar..... Sorry, I couldn't help it..... Ima leave now.
Hell naw. Unless this girl is 3 hundred pounds, i would've done beat her ass.