{HIATUS} Yandere!Taro Yamada x Senpai!Reader

{HIATUS} Yandere!Taro Yamada x Senpai!Reader

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HoiGh NOON By iQuiff Completed

*DISCLAIMER* This contains gore, and some sexual related things. Please be advise, I recommend if you don't like those mature things please leave...

Taro Yamada was emotionless second year student, until he bumped into a girl named (Y/N) (L/N) he fell in love ever since. Until there's obstacles in this path for his Senpai and him to be together. He has to exterminate his foes trying to take away his Senpai. What will happen after he exterminated them? 

Is there a true meaning of happiness?

FlameingFazbear12 FlameingFazbear12 Nov 07, 2016
I like this, but if I saw a flash, my hand would be through a broken window holding the Perv by the neck and ringing his neck with one hand! NOBODY TAKES A NUDEY OF THIS GAL AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!!! 😈
Insane_Lover_Girl Insane_Lover_Girl Oct 21, 2016
VINCENT! I'm sry I'm a fnaf fan if u know what that is...of not go check it out! One of the best games ever!
*Flash noise*
                              Me: DA FUQ?! *Turns into demon form* WHAT YOU GOT B*TCH!? 
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 22, 2016
I look like a deredere....Especially Ayano..she acts like a COMPLETE deredere :D
Insane_Lover_Girl Insane_Lover_Girl Oct 21, 2016
Omg this is amazing...your such a good yandere sim fan...LIKE OMG THISA IS THE BEST!!
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 22, 2016
I thought it says Johnny from the movie "The Shining" just imagine it XD
                              Y/N: *huffs* I'm safe
                              *Saws an Axe from the door*
                              Taro:Here's Tarry!!