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The rain was pouring outside, a crash of thunder then the small echo of a doorbell throughout a large house. I went to the door with my ,other and saw a basket just underneath the ledge of the patio. 

It covered a small child barely older than me and i was only 8 at the time.

"Eomma." I whispered kneeling down and puloing the blanket back further. "It's a boy." I stared at the sleeping child in front of me.

He was a strange boy. He had small fluffy black ears that were white on the inside and a black tail with a small white tip at the very end. His tail was warooed neatly between his legs and he was curled up into a small ball. 

"Bring him inside Jimin." My mother said and i did i was told, lifting the basket up and carrying it inside.

I set the basket near the fire so the little boy could warm up. I stred closer at him and saw a name, tag on the side of collar with a silver bell attached. His name was jeon jungkook or kookie for short.

Kookie? What an odd nickname? I thought abo...

Wait what? He's 10 but in high school? Someone explain please??
RyanNut RyanNut Jul 16
Im in senior year but my height is 153cm. Why does every freshman looks like a giant af
1JikookTrash 1JikookTrash 5 days ago
Wtf is a dodecahedron?(this proves just how stupid I am lol)
Angus (Despicable me): *Holding unicorn* "It's so big and fluffy I might die!!!"
YR_XOXO YR_XOXO Aug 05, 2016
Chopstick JENGA? Wtf?!?! Like I wanna join that sport😂😂
departedlovers departedlovers Mar 13, 2016
omg this was the cuties fluffiest thing I have ever read <333333