I don't want to lose myself (killua x reader)

I don't want to lose myself (killua x reader)

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karina-Neko-chan By karina-Neko-chan Updated Jan 15

(Y/n) has a dark past only she knows about. Moving to different places not wanting the past to catch up. Changing her identity constantly. Lying is her specialty she lies to people about who she really is. Keeping her feelings bottled up making sure not to spill them out. Hanging on to the person she once was. Hiding everything from everyone....

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Highest rank: 2nd in romance on October 4, 2016. 
I'm still thinking it was a glitch. 

Started: February 11, 2016

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Yes. Because it makes perfect sense to dye my black hair black and cover my brown eyes with brown contacts. 
                              My guess, I wanted everything to be a rich color and made everything a darker shade of what I already have.
Watch me change my first name to "HatakeKa" just so the teacher would call me "HatakeKa kashi."
Hook sensei; I'm-
                              Me: CAPTAIN!
                              Hook sensei: -Hook se- Wait. What?
                              Me: Nothing. Nothing...
Girl! Dang straight! I got that act perfected!!! 
                              Mostly because I was a very timid child at one part of my life...
BTS_beyondthescene BTS_beyondthescene Nov 06, 2016
Omg I thought that said Kakashi and I almost had a heart attack but that's still his nick name!!! AHHHH
SkyWolf2 SkyWolf2 Sep 08, 2016
Hot creepy pedo clown....great....not that I hate Hisoka, he is actually my 3rd or 4th favorite character!!! I just like Killu better~