Soul-POst Obitum Keeper Yard (THE SPOOKY) (BoyxBoy) (ON-HOLD)

Soul-POst Obitum Keeper Yard (THE SPOOKY) (BoyxBoy) (ON-HOLD)

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Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (^o^) By mis4-2n8 Updated Mar 08, 2011

Out of this world...welcome to Seishin world...where the soul hunting begins...Well not really...Scary? Definitely NO!

Meet Omoikane (the nonchalant-smug), Ryujin (the revenge-freak), and the rest of the family and extras!

(Boyxboy...yaoi uhm if you do not like's definitely not for you!"

kkbunnyboo kkbunnyboo Feb 19, 2012
hahaha someday im gana smack his ass.... that cracked me up XDD
caleck caleck Sep 01, 2011
i like susano-o too but it really sounds like a girl's name haha
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Jun 29, 2011
@andykim yay you commented harhar...thanks I got them from jap myth
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Feb 13, 2011
@MiAnimeAddict nope...coz I really appreciate comments alot! 
                              (^o^)/ Happy Valentines!!!!
MiAnimeAddict MiAnimeAddict Feb 11, 2011
@mis4-2n8 hahaha...Im expecting that you'll be  offended...hope your not faking it...coz i hate hypocrite...
mis4-2n8 mis4-2n8 Feb 05, 2011
@MiAnimeAddict y'know what your pretty honest on your opinion and...I like it! Hmmm...I'm also thinking of changing the title but...yeah...I am stubborn coz I still like the title hehehe (^o^)