Slaves Of The Empire

Slaves Of The Empire

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-:- Sharron Kennith -:- By shanSWfan Updated Feb 23, 2017

First book in a trilogy.


A Senator who holds the key to destroying the Rebellion. 

A Knight fallen from grace twisted far beyond the point of seeking redemption. 

The heir to an empire. 

And a Padawan who wants nothing more than to find her way back home.


The Great Clone War is over.

Sheev Palpatine, Chancellor of the Galactic Senate, was poisoned by an unknown enemy and killed. Accusations flew and rumors ran wild, but the truth remained elusive. Still reeling from the blow, the leaderless Republic was left defenceless. 

The Separatists struck, and the Republic fell. Democracy became dictatorship, and the old ways of the Republic null and void. The galaxy is holding its breath, only too aware that saying the wrong thing aloud could mean that, sooner or later, you will disappear one night and never be heard from again.

The Jedi were rounded up by their own Clone Troopers and killed, or used for dark experiments to strip them of their ability to use the Force and sold into slavery. No one knows what became of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and the few clones still loyal to them, who had once dared to rebel against the cruel new government.

The planet Onderon, head of a powerful trade empire, has split in two. One side, ruled by the wise King Dendup, remains devoted to freedom and equality, but even its grip is beginning to fail as outside influences press down upon it. The planet's new faction, headed by the tyrannical Zakhan Noreino, exists to enslave and demean those who cannot protect themselves.

But there's always a bigger fish, and those who enslave others inevitably become slaves themselves, even if they do not know it. Powerful or powerless, it doesn't matter: in the end, they're still no more than slaves of the Empire.



ART CREDIT: raikoh-illust on DeviantArt

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those last words hurt a lot because he can't (assuming he won't be a really frickin powerful force ghost) actually protect Ahsoka
CoraFedora CoraFedora Jan 15
Oooh your writing is incredible and it broke my Heart! But also I AM SO READY FOR THIS😍
BlueJay659 BlueJay659 Nov 29, 2017
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              I had to reread that
                              And so did you
introverted_floof introverted_floof Jun 08, 2017
@xStarwars_Trashx also notice how your last name is Taari. BonTERI. TAARI.
                              TERI. TAARI.
that went from really frickin depressing to about -1000 real quick
um, ahsoka, dear, hate to break it to you but ah, 
                              anakin is kind of, well, d e a d