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Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or Dare

Keeper of the Lost Cities Truth or Dare

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♪  Brooks  ♪ By readerwriter6262 Updated May 16, 2016

This is a Keeper of the Lost Cities fanfiction that takes place right after Exile. I've read all of the books, but I didn't want to place it after Neverseen because Sophie's life is in too much danger then to make this work well. 

In this story, Sophie gets invited over to Everglen by Biana for a sleepover and Keefe gets invited by Fitz. Then when Sophie slips up and mentions a human game, all chaos breaks loose... 
Please read, I hope to do a good job at it! I know there are other stories like this but I just wanted to try writing a fanfiction and this seemed easy and fun to do. Pairings (if any) are Sophitz and Keefiana. This story will most likely be very short as its only going to take place in one night or so. 
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the amazing author called Shannon Messenger. I only own the plot.
The 2nd result when you search "Keeper of the lost cities"
Cover made by the amazing @originals14 who is also a good friend of mine so go follow her!
Completed on May 16th, 2016
(Exact start date is unknown, most likely around January of the same year)

HikariSoomneck HikariSoomneck Feb 14, 2016
Really awesome!!!! =} And guess who it is? give ya a hint:insta promise!
Team_Foster Team_Foster Feb 02, 2016
This is really awesome! I've read a lot of fanfics, and you write Sophie really well! Keep going :)
So true Sophie, so true
                              -Dolphin417, cover maker, reviewer, and vice admin editor
SophieRuewen SophieRuewen Feb 16, 2016
kotlclover657 kotlclover657 Sep 24, 2016
That was really good. I finished never seen last month and I am dying to get lodestar when it comes out. So it is good to read some fanfic.
The_BlackSwan The_BlackSwan Oct 22, 2016
10 days till lodestar....... im dying...... anyone else wanting to murrder keefe, and hug him at the same time.........?