Behind Cameras (Dinah/You/Lauren)

Behind Cameras (Dinah/You/Lauren)

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sienali By WhileATeen Updated May 31


An ordinary 16 year old girl named Y/N has the opportunity to star in a movie with the one and only Fifth Harmony. How will it go ? What feelings will occur between three of the cast members ? 

Dinah/You/Lauren fanfiction. 
Original by WhileATeen aka Sienali

This one paragraph has more comments on it than the whole book 😂😂
Only thing I'm known for is being a teachers pet, A book nerd, being somewhat good in writing, My tomboyish appearance and being the "Quiet kid"
At least I act but I can't sing for shitt
                              I have stage fright tho ;-;
People only say they like my voice when I'm reading with so much freaking emotion💀
I can sing and I like to think I'm a decent actor but I'm no musical genius or prodigy for that matter
In my high school I'm basically just the quiet smart girl with the teacher for a dad