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Semra By Semrahh Updated Apr 28

It was three o'clock in the morning and I had just been woken up for the second time, on my sixth consecutive night of broken sleep. She was there again. 

She was crouching at the end of my bed and I could feel her watching me with those empty eyes. 

My room had gotten so cold that when I breathed out, I could see my breath float mid-air, but I didn't dare to pull my covers closer. 

If I made one sudden movement, I don't know what she might do. 

For the past couple of months AJ has started to see things he never saw before. The creatures don't seem to want to harm him, but due to their appearance, AJ is scared out of his wits. 

They're following him; watching his every move. But all of that changes when one of them finally touches him. A blue woman, looking for her murderer. She asks AJ for his help, but AJ wants nothing to do with it. That is, until the woman tells him she knows a way for him to get rid of his ability. AJ finally gets the option to live a normal life.

But at what price?

  • deathandlife
  • ghosts
  • humor
  • lovestory
  • mystery-thriller
  • romance
  • spirite
  • suspense

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