Banished || KN

Banished || KN

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BLOODY GAY LIFE👑 By MadGravity7_ Updated Aug 23

❝Uzumaki Naruto, you are henceforth banished from Konohagakure for almost killing the heir of the Uchiha clan.❞


Banishment was one thing that drove him out, but love is one thing that will drive him further from Sasuke's grasp.

The love Kakashi held for Naruto was stronger than the Uchiha's.

Can it please be a harem? It would be really interesting how things would play out.
AiMila AiMila Jul 02
Yes he will!!! He can do whatever the heck comes out if his being
elisejansma elisejansma May 29
He died in the series, but this is a book so... technically he can still be alive. 😐
*wink wink nudge nudge*
                              but anyway, thIS IS NOT THE TIME ASUMA, THEY ARE LEGIT DYING
AiMila AiMila Jul 02
*sigh* why the hell is that thing alive here? I have no shame saying that I rejoiced when I read it and ate popcorn when it was animated
- - Jan 30, 2016
*chuckles evil* I have been waiting for this. And now it's here. lol I am so weird. Can wait for an update