Banished | KN

Banished | KN

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「d a t t e b a y o」 By MadGravity7_ Updated Dec 28, 2017

❝Uzumaki Naruto, you are henceforth banished from Konohagakure for almost killing the heir of the Uchiha clan.❞


Banishment was one thing that drove him out, but love is one thing that will drive him further from Sasuke's grasp.

The love Kakashi held for Naruto was stronger than the Uchiha's.

100K reads--29th December 2017.

  • betrayal
  • gái
  • humor
  • jealous
  • jiraiya
  • kakanaru
  • konohagakure
  • kumogakure
  • lee
  • love
  • romance
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  • sasukebutchering
  • sasusaku
  • tsunade
trinmin trinmin Nov 28, 2017
i remember menma was one of the filler characters in naruto classic and naruto named him menma bc of its meaning
KanaYaoiForLife KanaYaoiForLife Jul 17, 2017
I laugh so hard my mom told me to go outside till your done laughing 😂😂😂😂
PafeAine PafeAine Jan 07
Well damn my chimichangas food call me savage kurama is awesome
AiMila AiMila Jul 02, 2017
Yes he will!!! He can do whatever the heck comes out if his being
Germanshepherd4 Germanshepherd4 Oct 06, 2017
Yeah.... I’m making those two steal back there headbands. He’sheuheu, where the heat did that come from?
DoubleGrim DoubleGrim Dec 29, 2017
I sense a lot of negativity energy in that sentence 🤣😂Kurama is soo savage