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▲ ? Billdip ?▲- One of the Strangest Stories of Gravity Falls yet! ☢ (Book one)

▲ ? Billdip ?▲- One of the Strangest Stories of Gravity Falls yet! ☢ (Book one)

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Mystical Trash By Ships_and_Dip Completed

☾ ★ Highest Ranking Ever ☾ ★ : #41 in fan-fiction. Welcome to Gravity Falls! Just west of Weird! We hope you enjoy your stay but one boy this summer won't. Unfortunately, one night, Bill Cipher the all-knowing dream demon of the mind entered into the adventurous and genius boy you all know, Dipper's, dream. It is the next summer at the Mystery Shack after defeating Bill.  At first, he doesn't realize who the floating man in front of him is until . . . Bill is human! Dipper is torn thinking he had won against Bill and he would never see him again, but Bill does not give up that easily! After clearly stating to Dipper what he wants, Dipper is in denial and does not want to admit to himself that maybe he too actually had a deeper connection with Bill throughout their rivalries and fights.
              📚  Disclaimer 🌲: Gravity Falls does not belong to me. The creator of the show is Alex Hirsh and the show Gravity Falls is owned by Disney XD™ This is a fan-made story between the character Bill Cipher and Dipper Pines.
  Cover Link: (I edited the cover to fit with my story  in pizap)

Button_Eye Button_Eye Mar 12
Is it me.. or did i hear a lot of people FANGIRLING? No? Okay
LlunaStelle LlunaStelle Mar 09
                                 \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                                  > ⌒
                                 /   へ\
                                 /  / \\
                                 レ ノ   ヽ_つ
                                / /
                                / /|
                               ( (ヽ
                               | |、\
                               | 丿 \ ⌒)
                               | |   ) /
                              `ノ )  Lノ
In the wise words of Charming from ouat, he wants to "help you sleep"
Why tf are they both saying "straight" so much that's a lot of situational irony
                              They should use it when they make a new season of Gravity Falls