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CEL X ☄ By LadyCelestiaX Updated Dec 31, 2017

And there we Stand, it felt like the ballroom was empty, and its only us two. ' You... 'I stare at him, Up on his throne. 

' It's You ' He tells me, Shocked as I am. I blush lightly, His Family and Mine stare at the exchange, knowing that something was going on. 

' Prince Markus. ' I say, dropping to another curtsy. I hear faint steps and  feel his gloved hands on my arms to stand me up. I look at his shoes, afraid to see eye to eye like in the forest. 

He hooks his gloved finger under my chin, and I am forced to look at him, 'Lady Love. '

Born with Impossible Beauty and Grace, 18 year old, Lady Lovette Cambridge was treated like a little Porcelain doll all her life, so fragile and delicate. Not allowed to do anything or go anywhere without a watchful escort. She was Dotted by her parents and her 5 older brothers with love and affection, But she wanted freedom. 

She escapes for one day to the forest wandering towards a waterfall, there she meets a Young Man, Named Markus. Introducing themselves with no titles, they become friends. 
But what she doesn't know, he is the Crowned Prince of Arkenvale. 

When herself and her family are invited to celebrate the 20th birthday of the King and Queen's Youngest son, The friends meet again, and sparks fly.

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- - May 30, 2017
*dramatically gasps* shoulders!  Omg such sexy shoulders! -_-
- - May 30, 2017
Ladies shouldn't be wearing boots.
                              Ladies shouldn't be wearing boots.
                              Ladies sh- Whaaa???
ellamaree8 ellamaree8 Jul 25, 2016
You know what, I can actually picture that 😂 So many times where the authors choices of people for their characters I don't picture in my head but this one time, I see it. Congratulations lol
ellamaree8 ellamaree8 Jul 25, 2016
10 minutes is a really long time to be sitting in silence 😂
pinksparklesarah pinksparklesarah Jul 27, 2016
Damnnnn this man knows how It is he backs off with that brother junk he aint gonna knock her ass up any time soon hon be thankful you ain't gonna be a babymama just yet Oml praise the jesus
Super8nova Super8nova Jul 17, 2016
"Love Dove" is a super cringy nickname, unless from a spouse.