Ayato x Reader ( Various One Shots)

Ayato x Reader ( Various One Shots)

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*kesha voice* WAke uP IN ThA MORNIn' fEELIN' lIKE P-dIDDY- 


Lets just start this 


No reply 

"AYATO!" You screamed making him shove his finger in your mouth to shut you up. You blushed all different shades of red and he chuckled at this. 

"You're so cute.." he mumbled and pulled his finger out. You hid your face in his chest, he flinched at the sudden action and grabbed your wrists. "Oi, idiot you almost pushed me off the bed" he scowled as he pinned you on the bed. 

"A-Ayato.." you whimpered. "Shut up brat" he silenced you by slamming his lips roughly on yours. You moaned lightly causing him to pull away. "T-Tease.." you said hiding your blush. 

Ayato just stared at you. You felt your heartbeat increase greatly at this and you decided to take action as well. 

You crawled ontop of him and pressed your soft pink lips on his neck leaving a trail of kisses. You then dragged your tounge along his neck trying to find his sweet spot. 


chilolehh chilolehh Aug 22
It's like saying "Shut up ya little bitch and let me bang you
Got my glasses I'm out the door I'm gonna hit this city before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack before I leave for the night I ain't coming back