i'm his wifeyy book 2 | jeon jungkook

i'm his wifeyy book 2 | jeon jungkook

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hiatus 🌙 By winwinneul Updated Jun 28, 2017

" w h e r e
  a r e
  y o u ? "


She hides, he finds.

"I'll chase you, you can't run away from me" He smirked. "No, get away from me!" I tried my best to run away from him, but failed.

P s y c h o .

"Wait, do I know you? You looked familliar" 

 F a k e   i m p o s t e r .

Here lies a mystery about two different realms, and a stopwatch that could rewind back time; the past, present and future. Their love journey is too complicated. Lies, misunderstandings and tragedies. When will they stop the mess and end up together again?


" I will fix back everything, i promise. Wait for me, i'll be there. "

She hangs on, he struggles.


I'm His Wifeyy Book 2
Note : Kindly read the 1st book before continuing here, thank you hun :)

w a r n i n g  :  slow updates

xx winwinneul

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cutiee_kookie cutiee_kookie Jun 19, 2016
Wait.... So Yura is pregnant with Jungkook's baby? He didn't deny it. Also Seoyun died and now she's stuck with Jungguk? <-- i think that's how you spell it. Lastly..... Seoyun and Jungkook aren't married anymore? What does it mean' promises are meant to be broken'???? Ah help me....
byeoljangnan byeoljangnan Mar 15, 2016
if the other jungkook was jeongguk
                              then the other seoyun must be seoyoon or sth? lol
-MinDaddy -MinDaddy Apr 20, 2016
If it was the real Kookie,I wouldn't complain but this is the imposter Kookie so get the fahck off.
Kpopluver412 Kpopluver412 Jan 23, 2016
Trixiee__ Trixiee__ Jan 23, 2016
Author please update as soon as possible and author please make the story happy ending
jeonkoos jeonkoos Jan 18, 2016
Wh-what?? Seoy-yun is Dead!?? Nuuuuuuu!!! This Cant be(╥_╥) She have to Be With JUNGKOOK!!♥😭 Anwy Sis, Update Soon!!^^ Love Ur Stories!!^-^