The Boyish Wife and her Pervert Husband

The Boyish Wife and her Pervert Husband

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ANGELIE ALBERCA ♔ By Angeleyamin Updated 7 days ago

Her name is Alexa Rianne Del Vega. Such a girly and beautiful name right? But her attitude is totally different. Her attitude doesn't suit her name. Why? Simple cause she's boyish! She likes jeans instead of dresses and skirts. She prefers rubber shoes than high heels. She wears loose shirt everytime! She's fond of boy stuffs. 

On the other hand, there's Alexander Ryan Liyonne. A certified pervert and cassanova! He likes girls who always wear skirts and dresses. Girls who are sophisticated. Girls who are sexy. That's his type of girl. 

Now, a boyish girl and a pervert guy's marriage is like a milk paired with salt. Meaning its a complete DISASTER! 

Could they possible fall inlove with other? What will happen? 


Angeleyamin's note: This story has sexual scenes and very vulgar words :) THIS IS TAGLISH! Enjoy!

- - Jan 29, 2016
hahah Love really find you an imperfect person perfectly HAHAHA
Im_wonderstruck Im_wonderstruck Jan 31, 2016
Same hahahaha...nice start partner,interesting agad ang first chapter.