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❝ I CAN DO IT. ❞

           You continue on with your merry life, wanting something more. Stressed with the problems of life, you escape and read and read. Hoping. Wanting. A life alongside them. A romantic one, possibly. After all, who doesn't want to be with probably the sweetest, most sadistic, and good looking assassins in the country? Paper and ink to feed the hungry heart. Words and metaphors to make staccatos out of the beats. Welcome to the assassination classroom, ready to fall in love?

//assassination classroom
//ansatsu kyoushitsu
//various x reader
// request box is PERMANENTLY closed

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animufangirl101 animufangirl101 Jul 29, 2017
The reason I clicked on this story was because of the song House of memories by Panic! 
                              I have never seen Assassination Classroom. Now I will watch it. And read this. Because you pulled me in with Panic!
vityamino vityamino Jul 22, 2017
Uh, hi.
                              I dunno if you can make this since you have like 1000+ requests, but can you [maybe] make like... a Lonely! Nagisa x Imaginary Friend! reader?
                              I honestly think that would be amazing.
                              Please make it extra angsty. ;-;
Natsuko_Hikari Natsuko_Hikari Aug 25, 2017
Can I request for Karasuma x reader , Human!Koro sensei x reader and/or Asano x reader (It's okay if you only write one or two instead of all three , I just can't choose between the three of them) `(*∩_∩*)′
Fanfiction556 Fanfiction556 Jun 24, 2017
Can you do Vampire Karma x Bad ass reader. I'm trying to write Karma x reader fanfic and I want some advice how.
Can you do Nagisa x listless! Reader pls? 
                              (Listless means lacking energy or enthusiasm) 
                              I'd be glad is you did it! (0w0)
WeirdLittleQueen WeirdLittleQueen Aug 12, 2017
Hey, I was wondering, can you make an Itona x Bulimic Reader, please?
                              Btw, I love your one shots