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[ Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ]

"a love not returned is still love, is it not?"


[ ideas, personalities, some backgrounds, etc. ]
(c) @kylalily 2016-2017 

[ original characters, canon storyline, etc. ]
(c) Yuusei Matsui

[ cover ]
(c) @akihirito

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The reason I clicked on this story was because of the song House of memories by Panic! 
                              I have never seen Assassination Classroom. Now I will watch it. And read this. Because you pulled me in with Panic!
KilluHunter KilluHunter Jul 22
Uh, hi.
                              I dunno if you can make this since you have like 1000+ requests, but can you [maybe] make like... a Lonely! Nagisa x Imaginary Friend! reader?
                              I honestly think that would be amazing.
                              Please make it extra angsty. ;-;
Can I request for Karasuma x reader , Human!Koro sensei x reader and/or Asano x reader (It's okay if you only write one or two instead of all three , I just can't choose between the three of them) `(*∩_∩*)′
Can you do Vampire Karma x Bad ass reader. I'm trying to write Karma x reader fanfic and I want some advice how.
Can you do Nagisa x listless! Reader pls? 
                              (Listless means lacking energy or enthusiasm) 
                              I'd be glad is you did it! (0w0)
Hey, I was wondering, can you make an Itona x Bulimic Reader, please?
                              Btw, I love your one shots