Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)

Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)

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Elizabeth always knew she was a special sort. Her family and friends knew too. She's an introvert and feels like a weirdo wherever she goes, even in her own home. But what happens when she encounters a man known to the world as a notorious monster? 

Jeff the killer. She never thought he was real; only stories told at school to freak people out. And now that he's come into her life, she'll discover just why she's so special. Monsters, killers, wraiths, and supernatural entities--how special can one get? There will be love, and loss, and triumph, and hope, all for a greater purpose:

The human realm needs a protector, and that's Elizabeth. 


[Sequel: Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story)]

*****-1st Place in Jeff the Killer-*****

Cover art by: Asur-Fallinplim on deviantArt


Disclaimer: Most, if not all, CreepyPastas presented throughout this story do not belong to the author. All credit goes to the original creators of those characters, anonymous or not.

all these innocent people...
                              Why am I reading this in the dark at one A.M, with my dimness on the lowest setting so it is almost pitch black . Eh just means I will sleep better.  Oh and Jeff I will gladly smack talk you because only my Online friend and one other person would be sad I was dead.
Jackolyte Jackolyte Sep 11
man, those students would have to grow up if they still call someone a nerd as an insult, which it isn't
Excuse me
                              Jeff isnt a vampire
                              He is a supermodel for the Creepypasta magazine
Rereading this for like the 60th time
                              This stories r my fave
                              They need an award
Lady-LunaLoba Lady-LunaLoba 12 hours ago
I have a friend who's named Elizabeth and I am just like, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY FRIEND!?!?