Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)

Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)

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Elizabeth always knew she was a special sort. Her family and friends also knew too. She's the top outcast at school and feels like a weirdo wherever she goes, even in her own home. But what happens when she encounters a man known to the world not just by what he does but what he is. Jeff the killer. She never thought he was real, only stories told at school to freak people out. And now that he's came into her life she'll discover why she's so special. But he's not the only killer around town. That's why Jeff will have to go into ground he's never walked on. He'll be her protector.

[Sequel: Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story)]

*****-1st Place in Jeff the Killer-*****

Disclaimer: Most, if not all, CreepyPastas presented throughout this story do not belong to the author. All credit goes to the original creators of those characters, anonymous or not.

Cover art by: Asur-Fallinplim on deviantArt

ElisDragel ElisDragel 4 days ago
Eait i thought this was jeff x reader not jeff x OC of author o.O
mcrsenpai mcrsenpai 3 days ago
Yes. Marco used to live here...
                              Other aot/snk fans: YAAAAYYYY FRECKLE JESUS!
                              I AM NOW BILL GATES!
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The reason why I started reading this fanfic is because it had my name Elizabeth 😂 now I'm glad I read it bc it's AMAZING! MY EMOTIONS WERE FLYING EVERYWHERE! REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 3RD BOOK ! ZILLOIONTH TIME READING THIS BOOK Y'ALL
smol_beangerard smol_beangerard 6 days ago
I suffer from three different disorders, and my grades aren't straight(just like me) wHoOpS
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*reads go to sleep*
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                              Close your eyes, shut your mouth, dream a dream and get us out. Dream dream dream dream dream dream. Hit the hay, fast aslEEP, DREAM A DREAM, YOU LITTLE BLEEP. DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM DREAM