Solangelo  [ VERY SLOW UPDATES ] 1WC


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A story following the lives of two teenage demigods. When they're not fighting for their lives, their fighting for their love.

Will they finally break down the barrier and shed some light into the darkness?


Cover picture credit to... Well i found it on google and i can't remember who it was...
;-; but it wasn't me. So...

Credit to these cosplayers who are goals asf... yeah

Just like to note about how after Bianca's death Nico was described as being very pale.. Other than that I am utterly in love with this story!! :p <3
About about the cover, I have seen those two boys in a lot of places on the Internet. They must have been like "Hey, we're just like solangelo. Let's take a whole lot of pics and post them so people can actually have an idea of what a real solangelo would look like." 
                              So kudos to them!
I reaaally love this story, but I just have to say that when Nico was sent to the infirmary, he didn't have a black shirt, it was a really colourful one with flowers on.
This is already better than mine and I've been on here for about two years smh
Bad thinks bad thinks bad thinks bad thinks.... I just imagine smut
Idk why but that reminded me of: 
                                        Hi. So, my name is [Dan]. [   ]