Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition]

Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition]

3.5M Reads 160K Votes 32 Part Story
紫苑 By shevvie Completed

"When you start to really look at some people, you begin to notice the masks on their faces chipping away."

Marissa Lee spent her entire childhood building up walls to keep people out, convincing everyone around her that she is nothing but cold and vicious. However, when intelligent and gentle Yuko Hideyoshi befriends her, she quickly realises that he could very well break down all the walls she had built to protect her fragile heart. 

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Model on the cover: Satoshi Toda, playing Yuko Hideyoshi in the novel.

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avocamour avocamour Apr 09
he doesn’t, i guess he just like people who he can understand and marissa my bean you are like this equation that he can resolve. basically, you frustrate him to no avail because to him you're indecipherable
This is my fourth time Reading this story and I never get bored. I regret nothing.
bellaandy bellaandy Apr 04
What happened with Alex??? I didn’t get to read the whole book before the author started to re-write it)):
jievbaj jievbaj 3 days ago
I hate wen I hear dat she may be a bitch but she has her reason sos if everybody were to go dat wy dis world will be full of botches nd scumbags
imma start reading this first while waiting for an update of the new ver of TLK
cmc656 cmc656 Mar 13
Alex ran away? Nope im done. She better not in the rewritten.... Hint hint author, theres no reason for her to do that...