Blurred Lines | ✓

Blurred Lines | ✓

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靖雯 By shevvie Completed

"When you start to really look at some people, you begin to notice the masks on their faces chipping away."

Marissa Lee spent her entire childhood building up walls to keep people out, convincing everyone around her that she is nothing but cold and vicious. However, when intelligent and gentle Yuko Hideyoshi befriends her, she quickly realises that he could very well break down all the walls she had built to protect her fragile heart. 

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Model on the cover: Satoshi Toda, playing Yuko Hideyoshi in the novel.

mimoguede21 mimoguede21 Feb 14
Death of a bachelor is THE perfect song for this series. Love it so far 💋🦄🌹
DaciMeRollin DaciMeRollin 4 days ago
Lmao in college there's no time to be decorating or using other pens. I've learned to write so damn fast and still manage to understand what I had written afterwards. And sometimes I just record the lecture
awesomejulie awesomejulie 6 days ago
Ok bítch first of all robin left her and second of all after everything she's been through I think she wants to start new so fûcking let her she'll come back when she's ready
SunnySky123 SunnySky123 4 days ago
What happened the last time someone in this book hated the other
InsaneVideogame InsaneVideogame a day ago
Marissa is me, and I am her. She's a sweetheart. Honestly? I could relate to her and Alex so much. That's mainly the reason why I love these books. And author? I think you're an amazing writer, and I think you shouldn't stop.
JaxenKey JaxenKey Feb 10
Sigh looks like the thing that happen a few months ago is going to happen  again