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I am not marrying you | dramione

I am not marrying you | dramione

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confusedpickle By illegalcuddles Updated Sep 26, 2016

The future of Hogwarts is in Hermione's hands, But she has to do something that she knows that she will never like, but will she still do it? And what could it be? Why is Hogwarts on her hands? Find it out!

OnGoingCrisis OnGoingCrisis May 10, 2016
Hogwarts would have either been A.) Blown up or B.) Destroyed in the silliest way possible.
I_think_I_like_Draco I_think_I_like_Draco Oct 20, 2016
Draco be on the other side of the library then says "accio future wife " hermione then pulled away from ron and crash in to malfoy and almost falls but he catches her in a lovey dip 
                              Draco's face be like😨😱😲😶...😳
                              Hermione's face be like 😨😬😡...😳
Honestly I ship both Dramione and Romione and this is really cute to me
VannaGirl284 VannaGirl284 May 05, 2016
Where's Dramione? Why is there that Romione disease here? Seriously.
dramioneluver9990 dramioneluver9990 Apr 30, 2016
Ronald is just giving Hermione gifts to cover up something he did.
_get_on_my_level_ _get_on_my_level_ May 28, 2016
It's like when we were all back in kindergarten yelling, "Ronald has cooties! Ronald has cooties! Ronald has cooties!"