Cold as Ice // Amourshipping

Cold as Ice // Amourshipping

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セレナ By Pixel_Stix Completed

(( Amazing Cover by @TheMidnightVampire!!! GIVEZ HER LOVES SHE IS A KAWAII POTATO))
When Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie go on a Skiing trip, disaster strikes, leaving Serena trapped under of freezing snow.

Will Ash and co make it in time to save her, or will our hero be forever trapped in a freezing coffin of snow?

**This short-story has been entered into the #2016AmourshippingWatties!!!!!!!!!! The judging will start this December, and I can't wait to see/read all of the other entries!!! Good luck too all who entered! :D

MPAlazar MPAlazar Jul 08
Hey Dense Ketchum! You LOVE her. Say it with me Dense LOVE. LOVE
:O wow 
                              Please Ash live and find Serena 
                              do whatever it takes
MadKat65 MadKat65 Aug 13, 2016
I'm rereading this to help spark romance ideas and all I can think of is "If you french-fry when you should have pizzaed, you're gonna have a bad time!"
Cedra2005 Cedra2005 Aug 05, 2016
serena123456789i serena123456789i Jul 11, 2016
Podrías subir la version en español, se que es buena pero mo hablo inglés podrías sunir la parte en eespañol
It's called love, ASH. Repeat after me: L.O.V.E. have you got it inside ur dense little skull now? Good.