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When we finally broke the kiss, I was still sitting on his lap, looking around at where we were. It was beautiful for spacious skies. The grass under us was the brightest shade of green, and of course the sky was a brilliant blue. A large lake laced around the grassy land and the water in the lake was littered with pink cherry blossoms. The trees above us gave us the perfect shading from the bright September sun and this was my personal heaven.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and put my head to his chest. At this moment, I was so happy I could cry. Everything was perfect.

(TRIGGER WARNING: self harm; events dealing with rape.)
(This is the first book. "Shoey 2" is the sequel.)

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Sure now ellen and shane are siblings they are so alike😂😂😂
Is Shane's real name yaw or Dawson    This is really confusing
I stopped reading fan fiction but this is just a good book so I re-downloaded Wattpad to read this:')
I'm going to be crying so much during this because this book is literally ENGRAVED in my memories and I'm remembering all the fun late nights I spent reading this :')
Ngl I used to get really offended by the 13 year old jokes I was such a sad soul 😂