OHSHC One Shots

OHSHC One Shots

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Little Miss By KisaHana Updated Mar 19, 2017

Ouran High School Host Club one shots and imagines!

It ranges to all kinds of characters in OHSHC, even some manga ones if requested.

Requests: OPEN

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MissLukaTheMaid MissLukaTheMaid Apr 30, 2017
Oh yes, you're making me very happy by forcing me to stay here and not letting me leave.
djqkkfg djqkkfg Aug 23, 2017
Honey always makes me happy...that's it Tamaki I going with Honey now bye!
xX_FaithIsHere_Xx xX_FaithIsHere_Xx Jan 02, 2017
He's an innocent cinnamon roll, what do you expect?! 😂😂😂
Mamma_Llamma Mamma_Llamma Nov 20, 2016
Oh no the gorillas are back 🐒 with bananas man that's bananas 🍌
BruhItzMarissa BruhItzMarissa Feb 26, 2017
I told mah mom about this Anime stand she said "It better not be a Strip Club with Male Strippers or Your Gonna Stop Watching This"