My Monster Of A Mate

My Monster Of A Mate

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Going under editing so chapers may be confusing.

"You interrupted my night. My first rule was to stay in your room, and you broke it. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and remind you again." He got close to my face and yelled, " You are not to leave this room." 

Maybe he just needs some comfort or love? My wolf said.

"Andrew," I said, touching his shoulder. Sparks were buzzing through my body, but not for long seeing as he backed away like I had the black plague.

"Do not touch me, woman. And my name is ALPHA Andrew. Got it?" He yelled.

"My name is Andrea. Thanks for asking." I said, sadness lacing my every word.

"I don't care. In fact, I don't care about you at all. I only keep you here because you make me stronger, and my pack more confident. Otherwise you are a worthless person that fate thought I should have. You're a weak, ugly, needy girl, who is way to clingy. Get it through you head. I don't want you." He spat.

I flinched and frantically blinked, trying to keep the tears from coming.
After a tragic accident, Andrea was left broken. She prayed that the Mood Goddess would bring her a strong mate that could fix her broken heart. She got what she wanted, a strong mate... but he was anything but nice. He was a cruel monster with no remorse. He pretends he doesn't want her, but it is starting to show otherwise. But that's not all, everything is unfolding; affairs, lies, and war. Will she live without him or love the monster he is? 

Cover by: DanceLikeMagicMike