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chapstick child By raycharuru Updated Mar 19, 2017

(An ereri fanfic)

Pretty much eren is a fuckboy in disguise. And levi falls in his trap and cant get out. Mikasa is also a bitch

/(beware, it's kind of shit(\

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N0bOdy89 N0bOdy89 May 14's the beginning....and I already hate Eren is this story....😠😡🤣😂
hamilhamsssss hamilhamsssss Sep 05, 2017
The day Mikasa hates Eren is the day red-bull gives me wings
Smexy_German_Boi104 Smexy_German_Boi104 Sep 27, 2017
AHHHH!! Its horseface and Freckled Jesus joined by Fem!Levi and our wild friendly coconut of the blonde cinnamon roll species whom we have names Armin Arlert.
GetDatJeagerAss GetDatJeagerAss Aug 22, 2017
Who else thought Levi was crying before they saw the blush, no one? Uh K
Russian-Punk Russian-Punk Apr 08, 2017
woah woah 3 sentences Eren! That was only three! Calm your ego