Unspoken | Park Jimin

Unspoken | Park Jimin

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Aoi has it all. Superficial yet observant, smart yet borderline clueless, straightforward yet indenial, tough yet easily swayed. An epitome of rudeness and inconsistency.

Yet buried deep inside her carefully molded facade lies a soft heart of a naive female teenager.

And first one to penetrate through it happens to be Park Jimin, the orange-haired boy who ignites fire deep within her seemingly devoid soul.

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DisastrousEve DisastrousEve 7 days ago
                              Lol I'm joking I'm not a violent person ;))
iamamie1123 iamamie1123 Sep 10
lmao I love bubble tea, I would have just try and taste what was left of it
Just read " Dear No One " yesterday ! I shall finish this today !!
rosepjm rosepjm Aug 18
i don't watch exo so i don't get any if the references ;( someone help me out
Raemin_ Raemin_ Jun 29
Just remove the y from yaoi and that's how you pronounce her name (idc if it's not I just love yaoi mmk?)
llhryngc llhryngc Jun 05
omygod. Bless this. I've been looking for chimchim's fanfics and finally found a worthy one~