Sans X Wolf Reader (OLD!!!)

Sans X Wolf Reader (OLD!!!)

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I'm done writing this book!!! Please stop and look at my newer one.

This in my first story please don't hate me!
*Also symbols. y/n "Your name" e/c "Eye Color" h/c "Hair Color" f/c "Favorite Color" f/f "Favorite Food" P.O.V. "Point Of View"*
So quick preview. :3

You wake up in Snowdin and you have no clue where or how you got there. A skeleton unexpectedly saves you. Will a romance blossom between you, or is it not meant to be?

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digitnumber digitnumber Aug 01, 2017
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon Jun 24, 2017
I'm just day dreaming about the time I killed EVERYONE, and I spared you and ya KILLED me, Sans. No worries.
Unkn0wnFoxie Unkn0wnFoxie Jul 07, 2017
Too late Paps I've already being contaminated!
                              Sans: Uh kid, he's still yelling about your last comment pun
                              Me: oh oops...
LillyHa2 LillyHa2 Aug 13, 2017
When you just met a person and you already have a crush on them... :P
ProphecyDragon ProphecyDragon Jun 24, 2017
I read the first  sentence as "sans unshredded me in" how could I get that so wrong? 😂😂😂
BENdrowned1011 BENdrowned1011 Jul 31, 2017
Hey at least you won't be so Bone-ley now.😂 
                              Okay I know that wasn't the most Humorous joke i could come up with but it was still Bone-rattelingly funny...
                              Hehe I'll go now 😂😂