Droplets Of Time (Yatori)

Droplets Of Time (Yatori)

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Destiel & Yatori By BriMicky101 Completed

( Co-written by @sdea123 )

Yato and Hiyori are the unlikeliest of friends. While Hiyori is a human, Yato is a god. This is all thanks to a bus accident that change Hiyori's whole life.

Warning! This is the product of an hour long fangirl session in the middle of the night.


I'm In Bed With Hiyori *creepy smirk* 
                              *bounces eyebrows* 
                              *perverted thoughts*
This was like my favorite part, aside from the ova episode where yato posses heyori's body, it's my ultimate favorite
Or when heyori made yato a shrine I cried a lot during that one too
KAWAIIII 😍😭😍😭😍😭😍
                              IM ADORABLEE 😊😊😊