Trapped // A Zanemau FF \\

Trapped // A Zanemau FF \\

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♡Five Fangirls♡ By Raging_Lines Updated Jan 03

You want to know something about me?

Well, that would be the first time...


I'm Zane.

As some may call me, a nerd. A loser. Unwanted.

My father is a corrupted jerk who doesn't care about anyone but himself.

My older brother is fairly... odd, but he at least cares- or seems to care about me.

Basically, everything is going to H-E- double hockey sticks- That is, until I met her.

The one who saved me from my father.

The one who saved me from my inner demons.

The one who saved my heart.

(Written By: @-silvally_eclipse)

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American_Lady American_Lady Sep 09, 2016
...*microphone is being fixed at the momoent plz stand by*
                              Quien coño dice eso que juro que los mato
AlyssaTheWolfx AlyssaTheWolfx Jul 05, 2016
Well now I realize I'm not the only creep reading these fanfics
Hold on a second, *walks over to Garte and hits him* DONT THROW YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE YOU BLOODY IMBECILE!!!!
KittyCutieGamer KittyCutieGamer Jul 14, 2016
Zane = my Waifu
                              If anyone has a problem with him liking soggy cereal, they will have to go through me.
I eat cereal but just cereal no milk. Just cereal I know I can't be the only one
That_Dapper_Bunny_ That_Dapper_Bunny_ Jun 30, 2016
Sarcasm is my true love --cough- besides Zane~Senpai- cough- XD