Fandom Lemons

Fandom Lemons

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MissCreepypasta2116 By MissCreepypasta2116 Updated 4 days ago

Exactly what the title says, so read with caution! Earlier ones are 7 minutes in heaven style but later ones will not. 

Requests are welcomed!


Bubbalicious2000 Bubbalicious2000 3 days ago
What would you do if you saw an EJ with chapped lips?
                              For a penny you can help all chapped lipped EJs', just call the number below.
jonniemc05 jonniemc05 Oct 23, 2016
It's just a game -think: THEN AFTER I GET LJ HE WILL BE MINE!!!!-
NOPE! My kidneys! **** off! And if you absolutely have to, you're only allowed one! Because I need the other one to survive!
xXSuperKawaiiNekoXx0 xXSuperKawaiiNekoXx0 Oct 27, 2016
I read that as Slenderman dropped me in the hat as his item..
Well. Hang on. Lemme get ready. 
                              *pours 27628282838393 gallons of holy water on self*
                              Kay. Let's go.
InsanitysLaughter InsanitysLaughter Sep 28, 2016
My sketchbook, WAIT LOL NO ITS BIG AF, Ill just drop in candy 😕