This Is Real: Garroth x Reader

This Is Real: Garroth x Reader

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I Am the Storm By Armored_Gamer Updated Feb 11

Moving? Easy.
Raising a child? No problem.
Have a boyfriend that is there with you? Absolutely.
But heartbreak and hardships? In trouble.

22-year-old (y/n) had moved from the country to the city 6 years prior to now, away from your family. Fell in love, had a baby, and has been with Aph's group since she was 16. 
Garroth has been by your side since the beginning. 
But, what happens when fun and games happen? Lillian grows up? What about your future for everything?

Read on, my fellow fangirls. 
Garroth is yours.

Thanks Kimmeg13 and ZombiLuva.
This book is dedicated to them for helping me out in my main book!

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Beanstalk101 Beanstalk101 Jul 22, 2017
Me being the dirty minded person I am, that sentence was just so *shudders*
I am a deep sleeper, but when the weekends roll around I'm up really early!!! >~<
trashy_cans trashy_cans Dec 03, 2017
Can I just say this is a REALLY WELL written fan fiction. I want this author to be appreciated more
You have perfectly described me...DO YOU SECRETLY STALK ME?! XD
The first time I rode a rollercoaster, I cried because I was so scared of heights.
CrescentAlliance CrescentAlliance Jul 17, 2017
My twin does that too! Well atleast a town that's only 20 minutes away. SO. WORTH. IT!