Enslavement~ Gravity Falls fanfiction (BillDip)

Enslavement~ Gravity Falls fanfiction (BillDip)

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"'It's simple, really. Your sister's safety for your enslavement. So~ do we have a deal?' He reached his hand to me, alighted in blue flames.

They reflected in my eyes, and I stared at them for a good few seconds. Then I took Bill's hand. 'It's a deal.'"


Mabel is extremely sick, and looking into the eyes of death. Desperate for help, Dipper turns to the only person capable of reviving his twin. But at a cost... the cost of his own freedom.

Warning: BillDip

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SophiaMoss3 SophiaMoss3 Sep 09, 2016
I've never actually read one but honestly I'd understand the feeling I mean I might have kissed someone who is technically part of my family maybe done more but whatev
Wildfire1916 Wildfire1916 Sep 22, 2016
Yep soon enough
                              Would you like Castiel or Gabriel to bring you home?
Flqwed Flqwed Dec 28, 2016
I don't personally read pinecest but i don't have any thing against people who do
jillianraymond12 jillianraymond12 Nov 26, 2016
EVERYONES all sad and I'm like....THEIR 18????? I MISS THE OLE BILL X 13 YR OLD DIPPER
- - Jul 20, 2016
                              THEY ARE TO MUCH 😱😭😱😭
                              RIP ME
*slapped in the face by feels*
                              *doesn't even flinch*
                              Hah! Jokes on you. I'm a soulless bitch who doesn't get sad easily.