Beyond Couture | Steamy Romance [ON HOLD]

Beyond Couture | Steamy Romance [ON HOLD]

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MARI IS ON HIATUS! By Nilly_ Updated Sep 20

"Things are about to get HAUTE."

The 3rd story in the Mercer Men Trilogy.


Caesar Mercer is one of the world's hottest and most sought after fashion designer's. After attending a runway show of a close friend, Caesar learns that his purchsed date to the after-party  has been in an accident. Still set on attending the party he searches for a fill-in...

Sutton Arrow is... an interesting mix. An untouched escort who only ended up in the industry because her aunt runs the service and told her it would be an exciting summer job while she visited. One summer stretched into a year, though her clients were nothing to brag about. That is until her friend ends up in a bad accident and Sutton is the only available option. But not without a little trickery from the messenger...

On meeting Sutton, Caesar is not moved in anyway. He thinks she's a big joke,a prank. When he learns that's far from the truth, he's forced to take the ill-tempered, smart-ass of a woman to a party meant for those with class. 

Ready to bash his skull in for an awful evening, Sutton is surprised when Caesar requests that she pay him a visit in New York to audition for a spot on the runway. When she is all he expected and more, and is signed to model for his brand, Caesar wonders if having her around is such a good idea when every argument is fueled with ignored sexual tension more than the expected clash of personality.

How long will it take until they truly give in? And how long can it last when both sides refuse to accept that they just might belong to the one person who can piss them off like no other? 

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jihye18 jihye18 Mar 07
"Everyday was Monday" smh I feel sorry for her no one deserves this
TexasgigiZ TexasgigiZ Jun 22
So it is not where book 2 left off?  It's a book of flashback of the beginning of Caesar and Suttons relationship...a prequel?! Correct?!?
Stealing this for my next sh*tty week comparison... better than anything I've come up with.
Yayyy!!! Finally Mercer Man again. You're a damn good writer. I love all your stories. Keep the good work going. 
                              PS: Update who needs commitment if you get time.
Oh I hate the taste of keys!!! How unsanitary Miss Arrow... yuk!
O. O o :-O :-O k : p knob p pp / Nunn p km? O p ok b bbo inn ://HOOP