His Princess! Her Gang Leader!

His Princess! Her Gang Leader!

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Alexis Rey was a normal 16 year old who loved her family, she's smart, funny and beautiful. She is really sweet and a good girl with a bad home life.

Xavier Otero was anything but your average 19 year old, he is none other than the leader of the Blood Brothers, the most feared gang in Miami.
What happens when Alexis runs into some trouble with Xavier? 
Will romance bloom or will Alexis push him away?

ALL RIGHT ARE RESERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome! My book is finally starting the editing process my a friend of mine. Please let me know if she misses anything!

I'm sorry but the mistakes... i can't handle. Just to let you know it's spelt wavy and maskera
TacosRBae TacosRBae Aug 13
She looks British for some reason or she has a british accent :D
CriticalEmo CriticalEmo Apr 03
Well shït guess I'm too late 
                              All the other awesome thinking ppl stole my comment O3O
O my god her eyes are so cool. I would kill to have those eyes.
youwouldliketoknow youwouldliketoknow 14 hours ago
Ahh ok that makes sense because the Spanish was off but I get it now
Armadura? Thats not it. If u want I can help u traduce things