Yes sir, Captain (Completed with book trailer) {ReaderxPirate]

Yes sir, Captain (Completed with book trailer) {ReaderxPirate]

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Official Book Trailer:

"You, my friend, I am proud to pronounce as the Princess of Etholira.
You are sixteen. You get pretty much anything you want. And you're known far across the country for your wisdom and bravery that you've, well, never had to use.
And you're the prettiest girl in Etholira.
Sounds pretty nice, right?
Well, we need something for a story.
So, sorry to break it to you, but your Dad, the King, is a bit of a jerk.
You're betrothed to a serious weirdo. You hate being a princess.
Oh, and you've just been captured by pirates."

When you wake up in a village on the seaside for Pirates, tied to a pole, having just figured out you had been kidnapped, while the man who caught you is trying to sell you for gold, things get complicated.
Luckily, or maybe it's unfortunately, you're bought by a young, good-looking, modest Captain who knows exactly who you are.
But what he's going to do with that knowledge, you're not so sure.

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Rated: PG13 {for sexual references/humor and intense scenes}
  (contains no sexual scenes sorry guys)
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You're damn right I'm a saucy wench. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise honey. 👌🏻👑
BadEros BadEros Jul 22, 2017
Literally imaged a crazy old guys saying this while slapping his knee...
- - Jun 28, 2017
If someone took my clothes off me.. there would be war🤓🤓🤓🤓
WrenByrnwolf WrenByrnwolf Aug 30, 2017
Thanks for not putting any sexual scenes in. I find that many pirate stories include them, and I can not to read the rest of the story then. It has to do with my faith.
emmath71 emmath71 Jul 12, 2016
Sounds really interesting--I can't wait to see where this goes! :)
emmath71 emmath71 Jul 13, 2016
Nice pirate speak--I wouldn't have been able to say all that!