She's Awaken [ Mikannie }

She's Awaken [ Mikannie }

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Mommy-Senpai By Kelemundo Updated Mar 24, 2016

Years after Annie had crystallised herself, she finally awakens. 

The 104th trainee squad are now adults and are the new commanders of The Survey Corps A.K.A Scouting Legion. 

Nothing can stop Annie from getting away. Unless you count a Raven haired woman who is in love with her.

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Ender3667 Ender3667 Nov 14, 2017
                              {WARNING: MANGA SPOILER ALERT}
                              Reiner's in Marley and Bertholdt's dead.
neongenetic neongenetic Sep 01, 2017
I don't know how to say this i think this story will be interesting and don't let us wait for long pls authorishhi continue this story
aqustdd aqustdd Apr 11, 2016
I HAVE to ask Is Armin the New Hanji Mikasa The new Levi but Nicer and Eren the new Erwin??
Marshalleepastelidk Marshalleepastelidk Jun 14, 2016
Eren.                               Eren