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All it took was one moment of stepping in insanities embrace for Rya's life to change forever.

POWERofTHEpen2000 POWERofTHEpen2000 7 days ago
Dude. Only the first chapter and prologue and I want to break down in tears....
PaisleyViking PaisleyViking 7 days ago
Ugh, you get me crying in the first chapter.  Yet I can't not read this. Why do I do this to myself!   It's an amazing gift to elicit such strong emotions with your stories.
wait didn't fin in fins claim get someone else pregnant that's not victoria ???
POWERofTHEpen2000 POWERofTHEpen2000 7 days ago
I LOVE IT.... Even though the story is tearing my heart into pieces. Great writing. The descriptions are fantastic as well.
POWERofTHEpen2000 POWERofTHEpen2000 7 days ago
I literally don't think I could hate two characters at the same time with so much passion.... Seriously.... 😠
So here it goes again..reading this story for the second time. Rachelle's writing is so beautifully vivid and honest.  I can't get enough of it. <3