Clayton (Wattys2016)

Clayton (Wattys2016)

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Wattys 2016


All it took was one moment of stepping in insanities  embrace for Rya's life to change forever.

infiretatchabooty infiretatchabooty 21 hours ago
That freaking arsehole hope karma come and  bites them so hard!
slayiniall_er slayiniall_er a day ago
As soon as I read the word "purgatory" I instantly thought of dean
Lovemino Lovemino 2 hours ago
Ergh I thoh Clayton was her second mate or something. ..ergh I hope she doesn't end up with him
YashnaMotee YashnaMotee a day ago
Well you stupid idiot ..... Do you understand how she feels right now... Her mate just rejected her.. How do you expect she behave huh? 😑😑😑
poopsock poopsock 6 hours ago
Trying so hard not to cry because I'm in school. And it would be really awkward.  But I can feel the tears
ayedougyy ayedougyy 4 hours ago
Ive never seen a story with a character having the same name as me omgg