Limerence z.h

Limerence z.h

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Carter Simmons By ziallfiles Completed

[ziall ; completed]

Zayn is stuck in a midlife crisis in a school with one of the biggest reputations to uphold.

Zayn always liked one boy. But he knew he didn't stand a chance for more than one reason.

He was getting desperate, his homophobic mates were getting suspicious

He had to do it, he had to forget about Niall. So, he got a girlfriend.

He just needed a cover up. Niall was never going to notice him anyway


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princess_jade_2001 princess_jade_2001 May 23, 2017
If i wasn't lesbian I would say yes , but no bro , back off ✋🏻
xOnlyAngelx xOnlyAngelx Jul 17, 2017
He was lookin at Louis cause Louis is always around Niall and yeah
Where are Jesy Jade a.nd Leigh so they can kick his ass right to nialler
Queenkatishere Queenkatishere Dec 03, 2016
This could mean 2 things 1.theres gonna be side Larry 2.He was lookin at Nialler and he's gonna be a major problem in this book
Spenc_the_furrie Spenc_the_furrie Feb 11, 2017
*was about to read this book but remembers the author makes all the endings sad af*
shimefuan shimefuan Feb 03, 2017
If you keep lying to yourself, your nose will grow like Pinocchio's 😌😌😌