Both Of Us

Both Of Us

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Book two of my Peaky Blinders fanfiction series. Book one is Heartless.

When the lives of his entire family is threatened, Thomas must find strength in Toni to surmount his trials. 

*A Peaky Blinders Fanfic*
*I do not own these characters but please do not steal my concepts ;)
Started Jan. 17 2016 (After seasons one and two were made)

  • action
  • adventure
  • peakyblinders
  • sequel
Paradise_Tree Paradise_Tree Nov 14, 2016
Give John a black women please 😂😂😂 he needs it before  he goes for her again
Ms_NiklausMikaelson Ms_NiklausMikaelson Jun 03, 2016
I love when the writers does this... like come on you know what's happening you wrote it. Lol I do the same thing. 😄
pixiefiain17 pixiefiain17 Nov 14, 2016
                              U have no idea how freaking happy I am of this!!!!!!!!
pixiefiain17 pixiefiain17 Nov 14, 2016
It's goin' doooowwwwnnnn
                              I'm yellin' Timbeeeeerrrrrrr
                              You better mooooove
                              You better daaaaannnncccceeeee
AnjaHollingworth AnjaHollingworth Jun 25, 2016
I absolutely love peaky blinders, season 3 has been amazing can't wait for Season 4. I adore Cillian Murphy, my favourite all time actor 😍I just love reading these stories 😊
pixiefiain17 pixiefiain17 Nov 14, 2016
DARNIT, JOHN!!!!! WHAT. DID. I. JUST. SAY!!!! -flips a table-