The Lycan King

The Lycan King

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JOANNA MARCUS By Smiles4evermiles Updated Jun 12, 2016

" Please let me go". 

" Never". He growled out at me. 
" Why not?" I whispered. 

His eyes flashed red," Because your eternally mine sweetheart". 

Addison king never expected for her life to be turned upside down just in one day. Especially on her birthday. But she didn't expect to find her mate slaughtering the people in her pack in cold blood either. She never expected to be mated to the Lycan King. The cruelest of the cruelest alpha in the whole entire universe. Will she fall eventually fall for the cold hearted Lycan or will she fight to save her pack? Will they got through obstacles or will they have an happily ever after right away?


  • baby
  • badboy
  • lycan
  • romance
  • werewolf
Derpina101 Derpina101 May 12, 2016
A hot guy would look at me and I would think he wants to marry me...
Derpina101 Derpina101 May 12, 2016 Why didn't they bring the children to the safe where she is right now also??! Why just save ONE single person -_-
zZzxsauce zZzxsauce Apr 04, 2016
I started singing wolf in sheep's clothing by set it off....
Coal7b Coal7b Mar 28, 2016
Not judging. Its great! Hooked at the very beginning which is what most authors try to do
Rebecca_Wolfie Rebecca_Wolfie May 01, 2016
Finally a book that does not need to reveal someone's body just for book  promotion thank you <3<3<3
EmilyisGreat101 EmilyisGreat101 May 09, 2016
Can you please change your book title? It's really scary. I get freaked out every time it comes own my feed.